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Electronically controlled hole-punching machine, equipped with a servo motor built into the head of the machine, combining high productivity with perfect seam quality. It is a 2-thread machine, sewing speed up to 4200 stitches / min.
In the standard configuration, the machine is delivered with already programmed 31 patterns, sew holes, plus there is a possibility to save up to 99 additional patterns. The pattern of the buttonhole, as well as many other information - pattern number, seam shapes, etc. - is entered through a readable multifunctional operating panel with a graphical display.
The panel has an additional USB port to which you can connect a memory stick or a memory card reader (allows you to download additional patterns).
The buttonhole machine is equipped as standard with energy-efficient LED lighting in the work area.
The machine has an electronic programmable active thread tension control system. The tension of the needle thread during parallel sewing and in the buttonhole securing sections can be controlled separately, thanks to the various sewing conditions entered into the machine's memory (thread type, material type, sewing speed, etc.). The machine can change the thread tension in the needle during parallel sewing or during locking, in order to obtain the best shape of the buttonhole. This option also avoids breaking the thread. The tension of the needle thread is activated at the start and end of the sewing operation. This prevents the thread from pulling out of the needle and fraying of the thread, which happens at the beginning of sewing.
The machine allows you to make a hole in the double cycle of sewing together with a pre-stitching sewing, which results in the highest quality holes, especially on elastic fabrics - knitwear. Because the reinforcing thread is perfectly woven, it never protrudes beyond the sewing of the buttonhole. Reinforcement stitching can be made even in 9 laps.
It is possible to sew a buttonhole twice. For the double stitch, the locking section is omitted, and the parallel stitch is sewn off twice. This prevents the pinhole section from being squeezed too much. For the first and second sewing laps, two different stitch widths can be used.
The machine also uses a new model of the drum thread cutting mechanism, which leaves the shorter end of the thread on the material. In addition, the machine performs the bolt at the end of sewing, thus preventing the seam termination from being resolved. You can set the slow start function, the number of stitches and the sewing speed at the start, thanks to which the thread does not come out of the needle (for the first 5 stitches, you can set the speed on the stitch-by-stitch)
The machine is equipped with the function of repeatedly lowering the knife, thanks to which there is no need to change the knife when changing the size of the buttonhole. In the case of frequent changes, in the production of small quantities and during the cycle of sewing holes of various sizes, the number of knife lowers is automatically set depending on the size of the hole. The knife mechanism driven by a stepper motor is quiet and error-free when lowering / returning the knife. In addition, the knife pressure can be changed depending on the fabric being sewn. Knife supports sewing in the range from 41 to 70 mm in length (optional). The mechanism supporting the sewing up to 120 mm length, as a maximum, is available on request. Using such a mechanism, you can sew holes in, for example, the belts of transport seats for children.
There is a possibility of programming a cycle of sewn-on hole patterns. You can enter 20 different programs, and 15 different designs in each program.

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