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Electronically controlled linen buttonhole combining high productivity with perfect seam quality. It is a 2-thread machine, sewing with stitch stitch, sewing speed up to 4000 stitches / min. Step motors, they control separately individual machine mechanisms.
In the standard configuration, the machine is delivered with already pre-programmed 21 patterns, including lingerie holes, holes with eyelets and others, as well as a bolt pattern. The type of buttonhole hemming, as well as many other parameters - pattern number, seam shapes, etc. - are entered via the operation panel.

There is a possibility to make a hole in a double sewing cycle with a preliminary reinforcement stitching (lockstitch), thanks to which beautiful holes are obtained, especially for elastic fabrics - knitwear, sweaters, where the hole is additionally secured against stretching. This solution guarantees that the reinforcement thread is perfectly woven, it never protrudes beyond the sewing of the buttonhole. Reinforcement stitching can be made even in 9 laps. For the double stitch, the locking section is omitted, and the parallel stitch is sewn off twice. This prevents the pinhole section from being squeezed too much. For the first and second sewing laps, two different stitch widths can be used.
230V 50Hz power supply.

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