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Semi-automatic bottle blow molding machine.
The device, under the influence of hot air, heats a plastic bottle of 20 ml, which makes it more plastic, then it is laid in a mold where it is blown into the desired shape with compressed air.
The bottle is cooled by a dehumidifier with a cold supply, the main function of which is to cool the mold and guarantee that a part of the bottle will not be damaged in the heating process.
It is required to connect the compressor to operate the machine.
The device is also equipped with a refrigeration unit with high pressure in order to obtain the ideal working temperature, increase the service life of pneumatic components, filtering impurities and oil.
At the same time, the machine can blow out two bottles because it has two sockets.
Equipped with a simple LCD panel, a high-quality control system that guarantees performance.
The device is easy to maintain and use.
Precise panel in English.
The device has subassemblies of the best brands, thanks to which the machine's work is more efficient and faster.
The device also has a blow control system.
The construction of the machine ensures low noise at work.
The blower uses an integrated computer controller with a microprocessor, with an OMRON control system, which makes the machine very precise.
Heating technology ensures safety and energy saving, no environmental pollution.
Thanks to 8 adjustable temperature regulators, the blow-in temperature can be easily adjusted.
Technical parameters:
Power: 16 kW

Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz  US 110 V
Heating time: 90-200 s
Max. product volume: 2 l  US 0.45 gal
Max. product diameter: 180 mm  US 7"
Max. product height: 300 mm  US 12"
Sockets with forms: 2
Pressure force: 100 KN
Stroke contour: 270 mm  US 11"
Max. mold size: 390 x 345 mm  US 15 x 13"
Adjustment of the mold thickness
Max. stroke of the stroke: 400 mm  US 16"
Working pressure: 0.8-1.0 MPa
Operation of air pressure: 200 l / min.  US 45 gal / min.
Air pressure: 1.2-2.8 Mpa
Consumption of compressed air: 300 l / min.  US 68 gal / min.
Actual yield: 800-1000 pcs / h
External dimensions [L x W x H]: 1600 x 650 x 1700 mm  US 63 x 25 x 67"
Weight: 650 kg  US 1433 lb 

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