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Professional, industrial device designed for automatic labeling of bottles with role labels.

The machine is suitable for round plastic and glass bottles.

Made using high quality production components, including Japanese and French.

The device can be integrated into an existing production line.

It can also be successfully used as an independent workplace.

The machine can be intended for contact with art. food.

All elements in contact with the product have a smooth surface or are made of stainless steel, resistant to corrosion.


The device is used in the food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


The height of the conveyor belt is adjustable.

Equipped with a photocell guaranteeing high accuracy and aesthetics as well as a system for detecting damaged labels (too short, unprinted, wrinkled).

Easy to adjust.

Easy to use touch screen.

Technical data:

Power: 1.5 kW
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
Capacity: 30 - 200 pcs / min.
Bottle height: 30 - 200 mm US 1-8"
Diameter of the bottle: 25 - 100 mm US 1-4"
Width of labels: 15 - 180 mm US 0,6-7"
Label length: 20 - 300 mm US 1-12"
The diameter of the label's role: 380 mm US 15"
Inner diameter of the label roll: 76 mm US 3"
Accuracy: +/- 1 mm US 0,07"
Distance from the ground to the conveyor belt: 950 +/- 40 mm US 37" +- 1,5"
Length of conveyor belt: 112 mm US 4"
Dimensions [length x width x height]: 2200 x 1200 x 1350 mm US 87" x 47" x 53"
Weight: 175 kg US 385 lb
The menu can be uploaded in Polish or another language.

Extra paid options:

Full stainless steel version.

Alarm signaling the end of labels on the roll.

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