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A complete and reliable device for the production of freeze-dried vegetables and fruits.

The main elements of the LG freeze drying installation are: a drying cabinet, a vacuum system with a steam separator and a heat exchange system (water system).

The drying chamber is a horizontal tank which is made of austenitic stainless steel, The thickness of the shell and door is 6mm.

We use high-performance freezers and heating plates to carry out the product freeze-drying process, the goal is to obtain a high-quality finished product in a short drying time, so you can save more energy.

The drying process is carried out under high vacuum at an absolute chamber pressure of about 1 mm Hg (= 1 torr / 1.3 mbar). At such a low pressure, the water content in the products will only appear as ice or water vapor.

When heat is added to the products, sublimation takes place, i.e. the moisture leaves the product as water vapor.

Atmospheric air entering the system as well as other non-condensable gases are removed by means of a vacuum pump system, which also aims to reduce the pressure in the system when the processes begin.

The heat exchange system consists of a water heating system, a water cooling system and circulation pumps.

The set includes:

LG10 freeze dryer

Quick freeze kit

Refrigeration system


The material is freeze-dried under vacuum by sublimation.

Moisture in previously frozen material is directly sublimated from solid (ice) to gaseous (vapor) without melting.

The freeze-dried products have a spongy structure and contain a negligible amount of water.

They are perfect for rehydration or consumption in dry form.

Closed packaging freeze-dried products can be stored and transported at room temperature for a long time.

The cycle lasts, depending on the type of product, about 18 hours. The more sugar and water, the longer the cycle.

Technical data:

Cooling unit power: 44 kW

Heated area: 20 m2

Heating medium: demineralized water

Type of heating: two-sided radiation

Power supply: 380 V / 50 Hz

Tray dimensions: 687 x 568 x 35mm

Heating tray dimensions: Dimension: 1400x1220x15mm

Chamber diameter: 1.8 m

Deionized water consumption: 800 kg

Refrigerant: 500 kg

Vacuum pump capacity: 30L of oil

Capacity: 5 kg / tray

140 kg for all 28 trays / 1 compartment

Drying time: approx. 18 h / batch

Ambient temperature (max.): + 35 ℃ (dry bulb temperature

Wet bulb temperature (max): + 28 ℃

Water temperature: + 27 ℃ or less

Power supply: 380V / 3phase / 50Hz

Maximum temperature: +85 degrees

Air pressure: 30 PA

Power: 78 kW

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