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Bottle unscrambler are based on world advanced technology, designed and developed according to our country’s developing trend of high speed and automation of drink’s filling equipment. The main machine has cylinder appearance with adjustable feet at the bottom for changing machine’s height and level. In the cylinder, there is a rotating cylinder, and outside of rotating cylinder, there is the dropping bottle slot, the inner side is equipped with lifting device, which the amount is the same with dropping bottle slots. At the center of machine, there is a fixed umbrella shape tower. When the lifting device send out short of bottle message according to the bottle detecting device on the tower, bottle will drop onto umbrella shape tower from top center of the machine, then enter lifting device from the edge of tower. Under the action of cam, the lifting device pushes bottle into the bottle slot. After unscrambling in the slot, the bottle rotates along with bottle slot to the exit of unscrambler. The poking bottle star wheel at the exit will push the bottle into air convey way. The star wheel joins shaft of main motor through time geared belt.

-Torque limit part is designed for the main motor reducer so as to protect the machinery if malfunctions occur.
-Two put-casts in one cycle ensure that every work location should be with one bottle, which enhances bottle output efficiency.
-The bottles are neck locked through the air conveyor so as to avoid overturn in delivery.
-Dilapidated bottles will be eliminated by a special device.
-A lock detector is equipped for alarming; when locked, the machine will automatically stop.
-A photoelectric switch is set for starting when there is no bottle and stopping when there are bottles.
-An oil pump will readily fill up the gears, bearings and the cams
-Maintenance doors and mould replacement door provided.
-Mitsubishi and Simons provide the main electrical components; Such as transducers, PLC, photoelectric.
-Machine outer tank、revolving tank and meet the bottle part are all stainless steel.

Technical parameters:
Working Position 14 PCS
Production Capacity (BPH) 500 ml / 8000-10000 BPH
Air supply pressure 0.7 Mpa /1600 L/min
Air consumption 1. 5 m³/ Min
Suitable Bottle Size:
Diameter: 50-90 mm US 2" - 3.5"
Height: 165-300 mm US 6.5" - 11.8"
Main Motor Power: 1.5 kW
Power Of Elevator: 0.75 kW
Overall Dimensions: Φ2240(D)×2340(H) mm US 88.2" x 92.1"
Weight: 2200 Kg US 4850 lb


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