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Electronics hole-punching machine, electronically controlled, equipped with a servo motor built into the head of the machine, stepper motors separately controlling the main machine mechanisms: cutting the upper thread, cutting the lower thread, table moving the material, the projection of the needle bar, the foot mechanism and the knife. 2-thread machine, with continuous sewing speed adjustment, max. 3,600 stitches / minute, stitching sewing with automatic stitching of the upper and lower thread.
As a standard, there are 30 types of holes in the memory with the possibility of modifying and saving new designs (up to 99 designs), lifting height 14 mm, length of the hole (cuts) 6.4 - 31.8 mm (standard delivery 6.4 to 25.4 mm), width of bolts max. 5 mm (on special order max. 10 mm), max. buttonhole length 41 mm (with bolts), accuracy of needle bar projection: 0.05 mm, number of strokes automatically selected to the size of the hole, Possibility to make a hole in a double cycle and programming the cycle performed, i.e. the size of the bolts, the width of the sides, the distance between the cut and the hem . The hole punch has a simple to operate and very clear control panel that allows you to quickly change individual parameters. For easier operation of the machine, the control panel has three display colors. Each color determines the operating mode of the machine in which it is currently located. Blue - programming mode, green - execution mode, yellow - diagnostic mode. Automatic lubrication, 230V power supply, needles system DPx5 # 11 - # 14.

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