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Cartesian arms were created to streamline and automate the production process.

They are often also called a mechanical arm.

It is a kind of manipulative industrial robot.

It can be automatically controlled, programmable and multi-tasking.

Manipulative or locomotion properties depending on the model.


They are used in large industries, e.g. automotive, food, chemical, heavy.


It can remove packaging from the production line and place it in cartons

An important element of the robot is the software that allows quick configuration and memorization of the machine's trajectory

It works based on simple commands

It has an intuitive interface, thanks to which learning to use the keypad is quick and simple

Streamlines the production process

Technical data:

Cycle length: 8.53 s

Product grasp time: 1.81 seconds

Air consumption: 3.5 L / cycle

Power: 0.6 kW

Arm reach: 1250 mm US 49"

Maximum load: 3 kg  US 6,6 lb

Weight: 165 kg  US 364 lb

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