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The device is designed to create folded sachets.

Creates sachets with a liquid inside, e.g. gel, ketchup, hand lotion.

The lower element of the sachet must be purchased with the device, the upper element can be personalized and purchased in the local market.

The shape of the sachets differs depending on the product used inside, for the oil there will be a different type of sachet, and for the gel it will be different.


The device allows you to create sachets:

Small 0.1-4 ml

40 x 50 mm

40 x 80 mm

Medium 2-10 ml

55 x 70 mm

55 x 100 mm

Large 10-20 ml

66 x 100 mm

80 x 100 mm

This type of sachet can be considered a premium item as it is not standardized.

It has a panumatic dosing system

It is equipped with ATEX - explosion-proof system

The device is very fast and efficient

Easy to use

Simple to clean, set up and maintain

Such a sachet has no air inside, which affects the durability of the product, it is hygienic and safe - it will not tear.

It is possible to create a sachet with two products inside.

Low foil feeding.

Technical data:

Power supply: 400 V / 50 Hz

Possible sizes of sachets: 40x50, 40x80, 55x70, 55x100, 66x100 mm  US 1,5 x 1,9", 1,5 x 3" x 2 x 2,7", 2 x 3,9", 2,5 x 3,9"

Maximum speed: 30 cycles / min

Weight: 2.7 tons

Power: 12 kW

Air consumption: 350 Mpa / min

Max diameter of a roll with foil: 400 mm  US 15,7"

Weight of the roll with foil: 40 kg  US 88 lb

Changeover size time 60 minutes

Panel: touch 15 "

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Made in Italy.

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