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JUKI MO-6804S is a three-thread overlock equipped with one needle.

This sewing machine was manufactured by the well-known and respected Juki company, which has been providing solutions for the textile industry for years.

Complete machine - with a table for the machine.

The device is best suited for sewing light and medium fabrics.


The speed at which the Juki MO 6804S overlock works is as high as 7,000 stitches per minute.

The overcast width is 4 millimeters. The height of the needle bar rise is 24.5 millimeters. On the other hand, the machine foot can be raised 7 millimeters. Like other industrial sewing machines, this three-thread overlock has an adjustable bottom feed.

The design of the device guarantees that when using it, the material will not be stained with oil - all thanks to the lubrication system. Another, undoubtedly important issue is the sewing machine motor, which in the case of the Juki MO 6804S overlock is mounted in the head. It is a servo motor - thanks to it, the device consumes much less current than if it used a traditional, clutch drive. Less electricity consumption is not the only advantage of servo motors. Between sewing, the machine is quiet as the motor only works when you press the pedal. Additionally, even during operation, the servo motor is quieter. It also makes it easier to control the sewing speed. Moreover, it is a less emergency solution.

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