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Electronically controlled buttonhole machine equipped with a servo motor built into the head of the machine, combining high productivity with perfect seam quality. It is a 2-thread machine, sewing with a lockstitch stitch, sewing speed up to 4200 stitches / min.

Stepper motors control the individual mechanisms of the machine separately.

In the standard configuration, the machine comes with 31 pre-programmed patterns to sew buttonholes, plus it is possible to save up to 99 additional patterns. The buttonhole pattern, as well as many other information - pattern number, stitch shapes, etc. - are entered through an easy-to-read multifunctional operating panel with a graphic display.

The panel has an additional USB connector to which you can connect a portable memory or a memory card reader (allows you to load additional patterns).


The machine has an electronic programmable active thread tension control system. The tension of the needle thread in parallel sewing and in the locking sections of the buttonhole can be controlled separately thanks to the different sewing conditions entered and stored in the machine's memory (thread type, fabric type, sewing speed, etc.). The machine can change the needle thread tension during parallel sewing or while bartacking in order to obtain the best possible buttonhole shape. This option also avoids thread breakage. Needle thread tension is activated at the start and end of sewing. This prevents the thread from running out of the needle and from fraying that occurs when sewing begins.

Technical parameters:

Sewing speed: max. 4200 s.p.m.

Needle bar stroke: 34.6 mm

Knife size: 6.4 - 31.8 mm

Bolt width: up to 5.0 mm (optionally 10.0 mm)

Buttonhole length: up to 25.4 mm (optionally up to 41, 70 or 120 mm)

Needles: DPx5 (# 11) # 11- # 14

Power supply: 230 V

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