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Juki LK 1900B-SS is an electronic, modern double-thread bar tacker. The machine takes care of accelerating the speed of starting and stopping.

This makes working with her really a deal. Ryglówka uses a direct drive. This means that an energy-saving motor for a servo sewing machine has been built into the machine head. An additional advantage of this solution is the fact that the device works quietly. Vibrations have also been reduced, so the comfort of work is significantly higher compared to standard bolts available on the market. The Juki 1900B-SS also has stepper motors that control the various mechanisms of the machine. Thanks to them, the whole thing works efficiently and reliably.


There are as many as 50 programmed stitch patterns in the bartack. However, there is nothing to prevent the introduction of new ones. Altogether, the machine can have 200 patterns in total, 150 of which are custom patterns. The length and width of the bolts can be smoothly adjusted. The sewing machine is equipped with a clear, electronic panel with a display. Thanks to it, you can easily program the cycle of making bolts of various types.

Technical data:

Speed ​​3200 s.p.m.

Working area (30mm x 40mm),

Stitch length 0.1 to 10 millimeters.

Needle bar stroke 41.2 mm.

Needle system DPx5 (# 14)

Power supply: 230 V

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