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Complete production line for plastic cups - PP / PS.
In the first stage of the PP / PS granulate, a film is produced in the form of a 1-layer sheet (in one color) wound on rolls.
Next, the foil is introduced into the thermoforming machine, where the sheet is applied to the matrix, on which the cups are formed under the influence of temperature and compressed air.
The cutting and cooling of the product takes place in the same place.
The finished cups are thrown from the machine into the sorting device - stacking them into bars.

The line is easy to use.
Controlled by means of the Siemens touch screen.
Its big advantage is the low noise level. The use of different matrices allows the production of various packaging, e.g. plates, bowls and other containers.
Additional devices:
compressor, cooling device, rolls, form, matrix prepared for an individual customer's order.

The line includes:
TJ-670 device producing granulate from the film in the sheet
TQC-650B thermoforming device
TD-670A sorting device for ready-made cups

Technical parameters:
The device producing granulate from the sheet TJ-670:

The maximum width of the film: 670mm/ 26"
Film thickness: 0.25-2.0mm/ 0,01-0,8"
Power: 45kW
Maximum productivity: 160kg sheets / h/ 353 Ib
The dimensions of the device: 11000 x 2000 x 1800mm/ 433" x 79" x 71"
Weight: 5800kg/ 12787 Ib

Thermoforming device TQC-650B:
Forming surface: 650mm x 320mm/ 26" x 12"
The maximum embossing depth: 125mm/ 5"
Working speed: up to 35 cycles / min
Power: 98kW
The width of the sheet: 650mm/ 26"
Film thickness: 0.3-1.8mm/ 0,01-0,07"
Dimensions [length x width x height]: 6000 x 2000 x 2700mm/ 236" x 79" x 106"

Sorting device TD-670A:
Power: 0,65kW
Diameter of cups: 61-67mm/ 2,4-2,6"
Depth of cups: 75-110mm/ 2,9-4,3"

Power: 4.3kW
Water tank capacity: 130 L

Cooling device:
Power: 18,5kW
Pressure: 0.8 MPa
Yield: 3m3 / min.
Power supply: 380V / 50Hz/ 110 V

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