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The line is designed for the production of soft jellies in various sizes and shapes - depending on the form.
The line is efficient and reliable.
It allows for greater efficiency and space saving.
Technical data:
Production capacity: 150-200 kg/h / 331-441 Ib/ h
Power: 16kW
Power supply: 380V / 110 V
Compressed air consumption: 0.20 m3 / min
Compressed air pressure: 0.4-0.6 Mpa
Necessary conditions for the cooling system:
1. Room temperature (20-25 ℃)
2. Humidity (55%)
The length of the entire line: 18 m/ 709"
Total weight: 3000 kg / 6614 Ib
The line includes:
1. Heated tank.
2. Pump
3. Tank
4. The tunnel
5. Rotary tray
6. Coater
Heated container - allows you to quickly dissolve sugar and other ingredients needed to create a mass. It is made of stainless steel, which prevents settling and burning of the mass to the walls of the tank. You can also use hot steam to dissolve, which will increase the efficiency and speed of work.
Technical data:
Capacity: 150L
Pressure: 0.15 MPa
Working temperature: 120 ℃.
Pump - used especially for transporting syrup to the tank.
Technical data:
Effeciety: 3.3 m3 / h, 55 L/ min;
Pressure: 0.32 MPa;
Speed: 1420 movements / min;
Engine power: 1.1 kW.
Tank - is used for storage, as well as for mixing in it syrup with dyes and flavors.
Technical data:
Power: 0.75 kW;
Inner diameter: 700mm /27"
The size of the tank: Ø 800 mm x 1700 mm / 31" x 67"
Tunnel - in the tunnel there is a mixer allowing for mass / syrup coloring. It is equipped with a head and 260 forms. The machine is conditioned with gels and cooled in a cooling tunnel.
Technical data:
Capacity: 150-200 kg / hour / 331-441 Ib/ h
Rotary tray - used to pull jellies out of molds.
Coater - used for polishing and coating. The machine consists of a body, a screw conveyor, optionally a heater and a fan. Made entirely of stainless steel, allowing contact with food.
Technical data:
Capacity: 50-70kg / 110-154 Ib
Diameter: 1000 mm/ 39"
Dimension: 1000x1000x1500 mm / 39" x 39" x 59"
Weight: 250 kg / 551 Ib

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