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Complete, reliable and very easy to use closing line for powder adapted for 25 kg US 55 lb bags.
The line includes:
1. KEGEL DH-52 screw feeder
2. KEGEL DH-B5-60L dispenser
3. KEGEL TDCC dust collector
4. Welder with clamps and rolls KEGEL QF 800L
5. Two-thread industrial stitcher KEGEL GK 35-2C
6. 3-meter KEGEL SIB 300/35 conveyor


Product feeding into the dispenser, dosing, closing bags.

Simple operation.

KEGEL DH-S2 POWDER SCREEN SUPPLIER - designed for transporting loose products such as powder or powder to the packaging device dispenser. KEGEL DH-S2 FEEDER is made of stainless steel, and parts in contact with the product are made of SS304 steel.

Technical data:
Power supply: 3P AC208-415V / 50 Hz
Vibrating motor: power: 30 W
Loading angle: Standard 45 degrees, angles of 30 ~ 60 degrees are also available.
Loading height: Standard 1.85 m US 73" - height from 1 m to 5 m US 39" to 197"   can be designed and manufactured.
A square container with vibrations - a round tank can be designed and manufactured.

KEGEL DH-B5-60L POWDER POWDER - is intended mainly for fine powder, carbon powder, dry powder of extinguisher and other fine powdered powder, which requires high packing accuracy.

Stable operation is ensured by a PLC controller and the dispenser is controlled via a touch screen.

The wide range of height adjustment facilitates the filling of many types of packaging. Made of stainless steel.

Technical data: 
Package weight: 1 kg - 50 kg US 2 lb - 110 lb
Accuracy of packing: 1 - 20 kg US 2 lb - 44 lb  , ≤ ± 0.1-0.2%,> 20 kg, ≤ ± 0.05-0.1%
Packing speed: 2 - 8 times per minute
Power supply: 3P AC208 - 415 V / 50 Hz
Air supply: 6 kg US 13 lb / cm², 0.1 m³ / min.

Total power: 3.0 kW
The total dimension [L x W x H]: 1125 x 975  32x30 mm  US 44 x 38 x 127"
The volume of the tank: 100 l  US 26.4 gal
Weight: 500 kg  US 1102 lb

KEGEL TDCC-1.5A DRAINER - is a solid and very efficient device made entirely of stainless steel compatible with the working environment for the food grade.

It is characterized by high efficiency thanks to an advanced drum filter and a special design with stronger suction.

KEGEL TDCC-1.5A DRAINER is very convenient in operation and maintenance.

Special insulation reduces noise in the most effective way.

The dust collector is also adapted to connect additional controllers, eg remote control of the device.

Technical data:
Blowing index: 750-1050 m³
Pressure: 940-690 Pa
Power: 2.2 kW
Maximum noise: 60 dB
Degree of dust removal: 99.9%
Length: 670 mm  US 26"
Width: 550 mm  US 22"
Height: 1620 mm  US 64"
Filter size: 325 x 600 x 100 mm  US 13 x 24 x 0.04"
Weight: 102 kg  US 225 lb
Power supply: 380 V / 50 Hz

WELDER WITH PNEUMATIC PRESS AND ROLLS KEGEL QF 800L - impulse sealer with pneumatic clamp, guaranteeing an accurate and aesthetic effect on the entire length of the weld.

The device has a sturdy stand and a base with rollers, facilitating work with heavy bags.

The ideal solution for welding thick plastic and paper bags with a plastic insert.

The height of the welding head is adjustable.

The work is initiated by pressing the pedal.

The welding temperature is smoothly controlled by a potentiometer.

Requires connecting a min. Compressor 0.5 MPa / 4.5 bar.

Technical data:
Power: 0.25 kW
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz  US 110 V
Maximum weight of the bag: 50 kg  US 110 lb
The length of the weld: 800 mm  US 31" 
The width of the weld: 10 mm  US 0.4"
Bag height: 450 - 750 mm  US 18" - 30"
The dimensions of the device [L x W x H]: 920 x 560 x 1340 mm  US 36 x 22 x 53"
Weight of the device: 85 kg  US 187 lb

GK 35-2C 2-THREAD SEWING MACHINE - stationary - industrial 2-thread bag closing machine.

Designed for mounting on a tripod, column or countertop.

The THREAD SEWING MACHINE performs a single reinforced stitch (2-thread).

It is equipped with a mechanical thread cutter and central lubrication.

The machine is designed for sewing bags of all kinds - paper, foil, jute, etc.

Technical data:
Needles number: 1-needle
Number of threads: 2-thread
Speed: 1800 stitches / min.
Sewing thickness: 8 mm US 0.3"
Stitch type: chain
Stitch length: 6.5 - 11 mm US 0.25" - 0.43"
Thread cutting: with a mechanical knife
Weight: 33 kg US 73 lb

3-METER TAPE SJB 300/35 - is widely used in the production of chemistry, electronic components, food industry, etc. It is used primarily for transport and unloading, helps to significantly increase productivity and reduces the intensity of work.

The speed of travel is adjustable.

Technical data:
Power: 0.75 kW
Power supply: 380 V / 50 Hz
Speed: 0-11 m / min. (Control)  US 0" - 43" / min
Maximum loading mass: 50 kg x 2  US 110 lb x 2
The length of the conveyor belt: 3000 mm  US 118"
Belt conveyor width: 350 mm  US 14"
Distance from the floor: 420 - 520 mm  US 17" x 20"
External dimensions [L x W x H]: 3000 x 550 x 450 mm  US 118" x 22" x 18"
Weight: 80 kg US 176 lb

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