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Line for packaging of fragrance granules composed of:
1. DC-B dispenser
2. KX-1 taping machine
3. QDX cap machine
4. Labeller MT 220
Designed for packing fragrance granules in closed / screwed boxes with patina. The rope is complete, simple and reliable to use.
DC-B GRANULE FILLING MACHINE - designed for weighing all types of granulates, including fragrance granules. It is used in many industries, including chemical. It is equipped with 4 nozzles, which ensure high dosing precision (+/- 2 g). It has a double cylinder and a sensor detecting the boxes (If it does not detect them, it will not dispense the product). The dispenser also has the function of automatically feeding the nut. Simple devices to operate and maintain.
Technical parameters:
Power supply: 380 V / 50-60 Hz
Power: 3.5 kW
Weighing type: electric scale with 4 nozzles
Filling range: 30-2000 g
Filling accuracy: ± (0.2% -0.5%)
Capacity: 20-60 paks / min
Device size: 1000 x 800 x 2200 mm US 39" x 31" x 87"
Weight: 200 kg US 440 lb
PLATINUM, ALUMINUM FILM SEALER KX-1 - Welding machine for aluminum, aluminum foil, efficient, entirely of stainless steel.
Technical data:
Power: 230 V 50 HZ single-phase, 750 W
Air pressure: 0.8 Pa
Faster sealing: 500-600 pcs. / Hour.
PLC driver
CAPPING MACHINE QDX-1 - Automatic cap for bottles, plastic bottles, for PET caps. The wrapping machine is usually used as part of a production line with a dispenser or dispenser. The device is efficient, reliable and easy to use. Stable operation is provided by the PLC controller. Twisting machine with feeder and nut orientator.
Technical data:
Power supply: 230 V / 60 Hz
Efficiency: 800 - 1000 items / h
Air source: 0.4 MPa
Diameter of the nut: 20 - 70 mm US 0.8" - 3"
Belt conveyor: 2 m US 79" (for bottles with a diameter of max. 140 mm US 6")
MT 220 LABELLER- Labeller for square jars is characterized by full automation of the labeling process, simple operation, speed of labeling and variable labeling positions. The labeller includes among others such functions as: counting, printing, labeling control; stochastic number of places and label management; adjustment of the position of labels. The machine can label the jars from above, it can also be adapted to the concave surface.
Technical data:
Electrical voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
Power: 0.5kw
Labeling speed: 0-200 pcs / min (depending on the length of the label)
Precise marking: ± 0.5 mm US 0.02"
Diameter range of the container: 10-100 mm US 0.4" - 4"
Range of container height: 25-250 mm US 1" - 10"
The range of label length: 15-200 mm US 0.6" - 8"
Label width: 10-140 mm US 0.4" - 5.5"
Max. roll diameter with labels: 200 mm US 7.9"
Inner diameter of the roll with labels: 75 mm US 3"
Device size (L * W * H): 2000 * 900 * 1500 mm US 79" x 35" x 59"
Weight: 150 kg US 330 lb

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