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This production line can make many wafers with various designs and different layers.
The cutter machine can cut the wafer into different rectangular according to your requirements. 
You can buy a hopper to planetary mixer who can make the cream. 

The line includes:

1. Planetary Mixer BJB 60
The are the advanced equipments by designing meticulously by our company which exerts the movement of principle of planet, the stirrer does the planet sport in the storage bucket, thus makes food fully mixed, and its characteristics: steady work, multi-function, convenient to operation and high efficiency.

Technical parameters:
Bowl Volume 60 L
Rated Voltage 380 V 
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Power 2.8 kW
Max. Kneading Capacity 20 kg US 44 lb
Mixing speed 73/109/143/216(r/min)
Weight 490 kg US 1080 lb
Dimensions 1030 x 620 x 1430 mm US 40.5" x 24.4" x 56.3"

2. Wafer machine
On start you pour the wafer raw material onto to bake and tread clutch pedal. Then you repeat this step to make another. Each cycle can make 9 pieces and it takes 3 minutes. The baked wafer piece was removed out by flat shovel.

Technical parameters:
Capacity: 180 pieces/h.
Template size: 370×272 mm US 14.6" x 10.7"(pattern can be make according to your required)
Total power: 23.1 kW
Voltage: 380 V /  50 Hz
External size: 2000 mm diameter×1200 mm US 78.7" x 47.2"
Weight:1000 kg US 2204 lb

3. Creamer
The cream can be made by Planetary Mixer. I have mentioned it by above red writing. Smear the cream on the wafer pieces and make into wafer plates by man manual.

4. Wafer cutter
Before you operation, you need to adjust the wafer size according to your requirement. Than the creamed wafer plates were push into the cutter machine and were cut into wafer biscuits. One set wafer cutter can match with four sets wafer machine to work at the same time.

Technical parameters:
Capacity: not less than 40 kg / h US 88 lb / h 
Total power: 3.3 kW
Weight: 600 kg US 1322 lb

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