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Sticked machine with protective foil HSHM1350TZ-D.
The device is intended for laminating flat products such as boards, panels.
In order to protect the surface from scratches, dirt, etc.

Automatic gluing of this machine.                  
Glue-coated transmission system, even very thin and light plate will not slip because of low friction.                            
Cots adopt full-automatic lifting and fine-tuning with high accuracy. Frequency conversion speed regulation in Denmark.                            
The transmission bottom rolls of hot and cold rollers are driven by turbine worm. The advantage of turbine worm is that there is no clearance in transmission, which can ensure speed synchronization and smooth surface of pasted products.                            
The lifting system adopts fully automatic digital turbo-worm lifting system with high accuracy.                            
There is a special gluing system. It is convenient and quick to add glue without manual work.                            
The tiled air-swelling shaft is adopted, and the tension is controlled by the magnetic powder clutch.    

Technical data:
Power: 380V/ 50 Hz                         
Coating motor power: 0.37 kW                
Hot pressing power: 1.2kw * 3        
Boundary dimension: 12000*2100*1700 mm US 472" x 83" x 67"             
Maximum Machining Width: 1300 mm US 51"               
Machinable thickness: 1-45 mm US 0,04-2"             
Transmission speed: 1-25 m/min  US 39-984"             
Dedusting method: Dust Removal Cover and Dust Removal Brush                
Specification of Coating Roller: 210 mm US 8"                
Gluing method: Manual                
Number of glue-coated motors : 1            
Hot pressing times: 3                
Cold pressing times: 2                
Transmission motor power: 1.1 kW                
Transmission mode: Chain                
Conveying mode: Conveying roller
Control mode of cot lifting: Cylinder type                
Feeding mode of PVC: Automatic                
PVC feeding shaft: Screw shaft                
Weight: 2800 kg US 6173 lb

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