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High-quality horizontal packing machine - weighs and packs products in the form of small granules, e.g. spices.

The device seals the film in the form of a ribbon in sachets, opens the prepared sachet, dispenses the product and closes the sachet with a tight seal.

It is made of stainless steel with the use of high quality production components, including Japanese and French, e.g. Omron, Schneider, Panasonic, Mitsubishi. Thanks to the PLC and touch screen operation is simple and stable.

The construction of the machine excludes penetration of the substance into the product.

The machine may be allowed to contact art. food.

All elements in contact with the product have a smooth surface or are made of stainless steel, resistant to corrosion.


The device is used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.


Simple operation

Easy to adjust

High performance

The device has a "no bag no filling" system, so it stops dispensing when no filling bag is detected under the outlet


Conveyor collecting ready sachets

Fills double sachets

Technical parameters:

Power: 3 kW
Max. size of the dose: 100 g US 0.22 lb
Accuracy: ± 1.5%
Efficiency: 40-80 pcs./min.
Min. Dimensions of the sachet [width. x height]: 75 x 95 mm US 2.95" - 3.74"
Max. dimensions of the sachet [width. x height]: 140 x 180 mm US 5.51" - 7.08"
Diameter of the roll with foil: up to 400 mm US 15.74"
Diameter of the core of the roll with foil: 70-80 mm US 2.75" - 3.14"
Dimensions of the device [length x width x height]: 2600 x 950 x 2100 mm US 102.36" x 37.4" x 82.67"
The menu can be uploaded in Polish or another language.

Extra paid options:


Tank vibrations

Tube under a different width of the sachet

Incision for easy opening of the sachets

Sachet 4-sided seal or cushion
Full stainless steel version

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