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The line is intended for creating and filling doypack bags with a string.
The product is fed by a lift to the weighing machine, where it is portioned, transferred to a time tank, and then to the packaging machine.
In the machine, each of the bags is created, then open, filled, closed and drained.
The line is also equipped with a device producing and dispensing nitrogen to the bag.
It is characterized by a solid construction and high-quality components.
The device makes the euro a hole.
The line is designed to pack 6 different products into one bag.
The set includes 6 feeders.
Line yield: 40-50 bags / min.

The line includes:
Bucket conveyor
24-head multihead weigher
Timing hopper
Supporting platform
Feeding platform
Rotary packing machine
Rotary table
Nitrogen generator

Bucket conveyor

The conveyor is applicable for vertical lifting of granule material such as corn, food plastic and chemical industry, etc.

Feeding speed can be adjusted by converter;
Be made of stainless steel 304 construction or carbon painted steel
Complete automatic or manual carry can be selected;
Include vibrator feeder to feeding products orderly into buckets, which to avoid blockage;
Automatic or manual emergency stop, vibration bottom, speed bottom, running indicator, 
power indicator, leakage switch, etc.
The input voltage is 24V or below while running.
DELIXI inverter.

Technical parameters:
Convey Height 1800-4500 mm / 71-177"
Bucket volume 1.6L
Carrying Speed 40-75 buckets/min
Bucket material White PP (dimple surface)
Vibrator Hopper Size 550 x 550 mm/ 22 x 22"
Frequency 0.75 KW
Power supply 230V/50HZ or 60HZ Single Phase / 110 V
Packing Dimension 2214 x 900 x 970 mm / 87" x 35" x 38"
Gross Weight 600 kg/ 1322 Ib

24-head multihead weigher

It is mainly apply in automatic weighing various granular products in food or non-food industries, such as potato chips, nuts, frozen food, vegetable, sea food, nail, etc.

Mixing 4 or 6 kinds of product into one bag with high speed (Up to 50bpm) and precision
3 weighing mode for selection: Mixture, twin & high speed weighing with one bagger;
Discharge angle design into vertically to connect with twin bagger, less collision & higher speed;
Select and check different program on running menu without password, user-friendly;
One touch screen on twin weigher, easy operation;
Central load cell for ancillary feed system, suitable for different product;
All food contact parts can be took out for cleaning without tool; 
Check weigher signal feedback to auto adjust weighing in better accuracy;
PC monitor for all weigher working condition by lane, easy for production management;
Optional CAN bus protocol for higher speed and stable performance;

Technical parameters:
Weighing Range
10-400 x 2  grams 
10-200 x 4  grams
10-120 x 6  grams
Max. Speed 50 bags/min (For mixing 4 or 6 products)
Accuracy + 0.1-1.5 grams
Weigh Bucket  0.8L 
Control Penal 10" Touch Screen
Power Supply 230V/50HZ or 60HZ; 15A; 2500W/ 110 V
Driving System Stepper Motor
Packing Dimension 2630 x 1700 x 1815 mm / 103" x 67" x 32"
Weight 1200 kg / 2645 Ib

Supporting platfom 

It is suitable to support multihead weigher, auger filler, and various machines on top.

The platform is compact, stable and safe with guardrail and ladder;
Be made of 304# stainless steel or carbon painted steel;

Technical parameters: 
Dimension 2600 x 2600 x 2000 mm/ 102" x 102" x 79"

Horizontal packing machine SW-HP180

Device are made for making doypack bags. 
In this device bags with zipper are making, next products are put into this bag, bag is closing and sealing. 

Servo Advance System
Easy Computerized Specification change
Big torquemoment of pouch advance
Stable Pouch advance with less deviation
Unique Walking Beam Structure
Accurate positioning with stable operation
Good Rigidity,big load bearing
Long WB moving distance
Have Zipper device
Can injet nitrogen device

Technical parameters:
Type SW-HP180
Pouch length 110-250 mm/ 4-10"
Pouch width 90-180 mm/ 3,5-7"
Max width of roll film 500 mm/ 20"
Packing speed 40-60bags/min
Air consumption 0.7m3 /min
Machine Dimension 6000 x 1200 x 1500 mm/ 236" x 47" x 59"
Weight 1800 Kg/ 3968 Ib

Collect table 

It is mainly to collect products from conveyor, and turn around to convenient workers put products into carton. 

Easy to use.

Technical parameters:
Height: 730+50 mm US 29+ 2"
Diameter: 1000 mm US 39"
Power: 230 V 50 HZ US 110 V
Packing dimension: 1600 x 550 x 1100 mm US 63" x 22" x 43"

Nitrogen generator

It is use to make a nitrogen. Nitrogen is inject into bag with zipper. 
Nitrogen prolongs the life of the packaged product and prevents damage.

Easy to use.
You can't buy a nitrogen, you can produce it, as much as you need. 

Technical parameters:
Nitrogen Capacity 5Nm³/h
Power 5W
Nitrogen Purity ≥99.5%
Dew point ≤-38℃
Air source pressure 0.8-1.0 Mpa
Nitrogen Pressure 0.1-0.65 Mpa
Weight 200 KG US 440 lb
Dimensions 1100×760×1250 mm US 43" x 30" x 49"
Voltage 230 V / 50 HZ US 110 V

Refrigeration Air Dryer Unit (included Three Precision Filters)

Device was created to cool the device for nitrogen production.

Easy ot use. 
Prevents overheating.

Technical parameters:

Flow 1.2m3 / min
Power 0.5 kW
Weight 60 KG US 132 lb
Dimensions 680×490×670 mm US 27" x 20" x 26"
Voltage 230 V 50 Hz US 110 V

Precision Filter H-001
Flow 1.2m3 / min
Disposal residues <0.01 u
Residual oil content 0.01 ppm

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