SHRINK TUNNEL KEGEL BS 4535 450 x 350 mm

SHRINK TUNNEL KEGEL BS 4535 450 x 350 mm

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The device is intended for shrinking with hot air. The ideal solution for packaging in industry, where it is necessary to use a foil packaging.
packing household appliances
electronic industry
packaging of textiles
packaging of medicines
chemical industry
food industry
He seals the foil: PVC, PP, PE, POV.
It can weld packages of unlimited length.
Has a mesh transporter.
The color may vary depending on the delivery.

Technical parameters:
Power supply: 380 V / 50 Hz
Power: 9.6 kW
Working speed: 0-10 m / min.
Transporter load capacity: 30 kg
Max temperature: adjustable, up to 170 ° C
Dimensions of the tunnel [length x width x height]: 1200 x 450 x 50-350 mm
External dimensions [length x width x height]: 1600 x 650 x 1200 mm
Weight: 120 kg

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