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Automatic wrapping machine designed for pre-stretched pallets. High efficiency, low power consumption, convenient in operation. The start of work is initiated by means of a remote control - operation of the device is limited to placing the pallet on the revolving table and its removal after finishing the wrapping. The stretch ratio is 350%, thanks to which the device saves 30% of the film on each pallet. The edges of the foil are rolled into a rope, which increases the security of the package. The tension of the film is automatically adjusted so that it is the same in every place. The device has an automatic foil cutting function and is additionally equipped with an access ramp.
Technical data:
Power supply: 230 V/ 50 Hz
Capacity: 20 - 30 cycles / min.
Maximum wrapping height: 2032 mm
Maximum speed: 12 rpm.
Height from the ground to the swivel platform: approx. 10 cm
Moving the film up / down: adjustable
The diameter of the swivel wheel: 1650 mm
Diameter of the foil roll: 250 mm
Control system: PCB
Speed ​​of the rotary table: adjustable
Upper wrapping cycles: adjustable from 0
Lower wrapping cycles: adjustable from 0
Detection of pallet height: photocell
Manual function: available
Dimensions [L x W x H]: 2700 x 1650 x 2475 mm
Weight: 680 kg


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