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A small, portable embroidery machine that can amaze you with its functionality. A clear and transparent display informs about the parameters of the embroidery, the number of needle inserts, the number of thread colors, its size and also the time at which it will be embroidered. The option to edit patterns allows you to rotate the pattern, transformations on the x and y axes, combine several patterns, and scale the patterns. The built-in USB port allows you to transfer embroidery patterns from your computer.
A universal computer embroidery machine, an ideal solution for medium and small companies as well as for the needs of a template. The machine is also perfectly suited for service points, advertising agencies and many others.
Technical data:
• machine speed up to 650 stitches / min.
• embroidery field (140x140 mm)
• the equipment of the embroidery machine includes a 140 x 140 mm hoop, embroidery scissors, bobbins and other accessories necessary for embroidering.
• the embroidery machine has 73 built-in embroidery patterns and 3 types of embroidery fonts.
• automated threading
• rotating hook (guarantees easier and quieter operation)
• built-in thread detectors
• clear LCD display
• built-in USB port allows you to use directly from the PenDrive portable memory
• embroidery combining functions, embroidery size changing functions, mirroring patterns (top, bottom) allowing symmetrical joining of two embroideries, the ability to rotate patterns (45, 90, 135, 180 degrees)

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