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Fully automatic, 2-thread hole-punching machine for clothing, equipped with a servo motor built into the head of the machine and stepper motors controlling individual mechanisms. Depending on the subclass, it is possible to sew a hole with or without a circle, with a cut before or after the hem, with or without a deadbolt, or with a transom. All parameters include type and size of the buttonhole, method of cutting, thread tension, sewing speed, are programmed using a modern, readable control panel. For each type of buttonhole it is possible to individually program the shape, width, mesh size, type of cut, etc. Programming the thread tension allows you to set stresses independently for different fragments of one hole. Machine with electronically controlled, using a stepper motor, cutting mechanism and a divided knife. This allows you to make different types and sizes of holes without having to change knives or anvils. Function of programming the cyclic sewing of several different types of holes, thanks to which we sew holes in the product without having to move the machine. The quick change of the buttonhole type, without difficult mechanical adjustments, gives the machine an ideal character for short-run production with high variability of designs. The construction of the head body enables longitudinal sewing of holes on long elements. Adjustable sewing speed in the range of 400 - 2200 stitches / min.
The length of the buttonhole, depending on the machine subclass. MEB-3200SS (standard) - length of the hole: 10-38mm - for men's and women's clothing.

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