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ZIG-ZAG machine with toothed transport, 1- needle, flat stitch, max. stitch length 2.5 mm, sewing speed 5000 stitches / min, stitch width up to 3 mm, central lubrication. The machine is equipped with an electronic, energy-saving servo motor M92 and an SC920 control box that provides automatic functions: thread cutting.
CP180 panel functions:
- Automatic thread trimming.
- Needle positioning at any stop.
- Programming the size of initial and final bolts before cutting the thread, the possibility of programming an independent number of initial and final stitch beads.
- Possibility to choose single or double bolt.
- Multiple locking system (1-9 times), short bolt with number of stitches from 1 to 19.
- Possibility to program the stitching length, stitch count counting between initial and final intervals.
- Possibility to program sewing on the rectangle.
- Adjustable max. sewing speed and starting characteristics.
- Possibility of cooperation with a photocell, auxiliary counter of the amount of thread in the cylinder.

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