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A new version of electronically controlled, programmable machine type ZIG-ZAK, equipped with a servo motor built into the head (drive direct system).
In comparison with the previous version (ASS), an independent transport mechanism was used here, controlled by a stepper motor, which significantly increased the possibilities of programming sewing patterns. Teeth transport, sewing speed up to 5000 spm, stitch length up to 5 mm, stitch width up to 8 mm for ZIG-ZAK stitch, 10 mm for triple jum stitch.
Automatic functions: thread cutting, needle positioning, foot lift, initial and final locking. The machine allows you to sew a large number of ZIG-ZAK stitch patterns. As a standard, 14 designs are stored in the machine's memory, 20 subsequent ones, freely designed, possible to be independently introduced.
Selecting a standard sewing pattern and introducing new patterns will be done with the help of a modern liquid crystal control panel, which is a standard equipment of the machine (there is no need for a special programmer). The panel has the ability to save the entered data on special removable memory cards. This allows you to save and copy information to other machines.
Modern liquid crystal control panel and a special system of motors controlling the operation of the needle bar ensure the accuracy of the ZIG-ZAK stitch stroke of 0.1mm. The machine has the function of sewing a symmetrical decorative pattern and stitch reduction at the beginning and end of the pattern (regardless of the automatic locking function) drive direct - ensures shake-free operation, reduced noise level, very high accuracy of starting and completing the sewing process.

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