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Electronically controlled, universal, multifunctional 2-thread bar, equipped with a servo motor built into the machine head (driver direct system). Use of the servo motor with increased power (550W) to drive the machine, provides increased puncture force through the needle, even at low speeds sewing. At the same time, energy consumption has been reduced compared to the previous version of the machine. The servo motor and the new solution of the transport mechanism ensure greater accuracy of the sewn-in patterns, smoother operation, less noise and vibration of the machine.
Maximum sewing speed up to 3200 spm, and work area 40 x 30 mm which gives the possibility of wider use of the machine than just stitching the bolt.
As a standard, depending on the machine subclass and the equipment used, there is a possibility to make a large number of types of bolts, and even pre-programmed patterns such as sewing labels, surface fastenings, decorative seams etc. The machine has 89 programmed own stitching patterns. Programming your own design is done with the help of a simple PS-300B PC software.

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