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A modern, high-performance, electronically controlled, JUKI machine for sewing loops in all kinds of clothing. The machine has one 2-needle head which allows simultaneous suturing the loops "on top and bottom"; automatic conveyor belt loop from the belt, at the same time cutting the belt loop and forming the desired hem. This ensures a significant reduction in the sewing time of one loop to 1.2 seconds (when attached with 28 stitches). Operator's work is limited only to placing the product in the working zone of the machine.
All operating parameters of the machine are set on a simple to use clear control panel. Possibility to select the number of stitches in the mounting, adjustment of the spacing between the needles (length of the belt from 48 to 78 mm), length of the bolt from 7 to 22 mm, width of the bolt from 1 to 3.2 mm, adjustment of the width and length of the fastening to the nearest 0,1 mm. The range of width of loops possible to be stitched from 9 to 20 mm.
Sewing speed up to 2500 spm, number of stitches: 28; 36; 42. Sewn up loops can be cut depending on the choice straight or slanted.

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