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Automatic machine for stitching pocket. The machine sews pockets straight and slanted, with one or two tabs, with or without a flap, trapezoidal stitching.
Technical data:
Maximum sewing speed 3000 stitches / min.
Needles gauge 12 mm (other spacing: 8; 10; 14; 16; 18 and 20 mm)
The length of the pocket 18 - 220mm for spacing 8 - 12 mm; 50 -220 mm for spacing over 14 mm (minimum length using angular and central knives is 21 mm)
Estimated production volume for stapling straight pockets: 1900-2300 pcs / 8h - assuming:
length of pocket 150mm, length of stitch 2.5 mm, pockets without flap: 1600-1900 pcs / 8h for pocket with flap.
Thanks to the increase of the sewing speed and the use of new control mechanisms, direct drive type "direct drive", in comparison to the previous model APW-196, the short pocket sewing time was reduced by about 16-35%. Lower average energy consumption was also obtained up to 60%. JUKI was the first manufacturer to introduce a very simple system for adjusting the angle knives using the control panel.
All operating parameters and the type of pockets are programmed on a clear control panel, with which you can program 99 stitch patterns and enter 20 stitching sequences. Automatic machine driven by energy-saving and reliable stepper motors. It has an easy-to-use color IP-310 LCD panel that allows you to set all the functions necessary to operate the machine, the ability to connect an external memory card, in the case of sewing pocket with a flap, the length of the pocket is automatically adjusted to the length of the flap. inserting the pocket sack, hand-fed items.

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