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HZL-357ZP-C is the successor to the Juki HZL-35Z model and at the same time the best model in a wide range of JUKI home machines. The machine has the most popular stitches found in multifunctional machines.
The body of the machine and components are made of metal, which guarantees durability, precision of manufacture and rotating hook ensures a high-quality stitch with a low noise level. Like the other Juki multi-purpose machines, the HZL-357ZP-C has a 7-point feed tooth system (2 extra on the front of the plate) to ensure perfect transport of both lightweight and thicker materials. The machine has the function of disabling the transport (used during quilting or embroidering). It is also equipped with an automatic needle threader for easy threading through the eye of the needle. Abandoned transport (by means of a switch) and a special foot (as standard equipment) enable the buttons to be sewn.
Modern energy-efficient LED lighting provides bright light, low energy consumption and greater comfort of use (does not heat up). Automatic buttonhole function - after placing the selected button on the buttonhole footer (standard equipment), the machine automatically cuts the appropriate hole, ideally suited to the size of the selected button. Adjusting the presser foot pressure allows for a better stitching quality depending on the type and thickness of the stitched materials. Practical storage for machine accessories,
which can be dismantled, thus obtaining the so-called free arm enabling hemming of closed circuits, ie sleeves, legs, etc.
Technical data:
Smooth stitch width adjustment - up to 7mm
Smooth regulation of stitch length - up to 4mm
Maximum sewing speed - 750 stitches / min
Automatic buttonhole sewing
Disable transport
Adjusting the presser foot pressure
The possibility of sewing with a double needle
Free arm - easy round sewing (leg, sleeve)
Possibility of reverse sewing (finishing stitches)
LED work field lighting
Latch foot mounting
Adjusting the tension of the upper thread
Built-in needle threader
Manual thread cutter
Rotational catcher
7-point transport mechanism
Feet: universal and for coffee machines
Buttonhole foot
Button foot
Small and medium screwdriver
Felt under the spool
A brush and a hole cutter
Bobbins (3 pcs) and guide
Spool under the spool
Additional spool pins
Needles (3 pcs)
Strong plastic suitcase

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