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The new model in the range of products of the renown JUKI brand - a computer sewing machine with 80 stitch patterns, 6 of which can be programmed directly by pressing a single button. Simple to use and durable - made on metal components. It has a number of functions to facilitate work, such as automatic threader, start / stop function - previously available only on the higher F models - thanks to which it is possible to work without using a speed controller. Another novelty are two types of reverse stitch - bolt and point. In addition: smooth regulation of stitch length and width, the possibility of sewing with a double needle and switched off feed teeth. The machine has a rich equipment and rigid suitcase.
Technical data:
80 sewing patterns
Stitch length adjustment from 0.0 mm to 4.5 mm
Stitch width adjustment from 0.0 mm to 7.0 mm
Automatic needle threader
Needle positioning button
Start / Stop button
Automatic buttonhole sewing
5 buttonhole stitching patterns
Adjusting the presser foot pressure
Free arm
Rotational catcher
Independent, automatic winding of the bobbin
2 types of reverse stitch
Switching of the teeth transport
Storage space for accessories
Hard housing
Handy sign
LED lighting
Sewing speed MAX 800 stitches / min
needle 130/705
Dimensions 400x290x188 mm
Machine weight 5.8 kg
Universal foot
Foot for automatic buttonhole piercing
Adjustable foot for indoor stitching
Foot for overlock stitch
Foot for sewing ordinary zippers
Foot for sewing applications
Foot for button sewing
Quilting wire
4 bobbins
Vertical thread stand
Two thread plugs (small and large)
Pack of needles (3 pieces size 90)
Two screwdrivers
Prujka and a brush

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