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The latest version of an electronically controlled machine for sewing a programmed pattern in an available 150 x 100 mm sewing area, equipped with a servo motor built into the machine head (direct driver system) and step motors.

The use of a servo motor with increased power (550W) to drive the machine ensures increased puncture force of the sewn materials through the needle even at low sewing speeds. At the same time, energy consumption has been reduced compared to the previous version of the machine.

The servo motor and the new solution of the transport mechanism ensure an increase in the quality of the sewn patterns, smoother operation of the machine, high accuracy and shortening the time of starting and ending the sewing process.

Used for multiple repetitive patterns such as sewing on labels, sewing fastenings, decorative stitching, sewing on handles or clasps. They are perfect for multi-layer sewing of heavy materials, such as transport belts or container bags.

Technical data:

2-thread lockstitch stitch.

Sewing speed (with the possibility of smooth speed regulation): 2800 stitches / min.

Stitch length: 0.05 - 12.7 mm.

Swing hook with double volume.

Thread break sensor.

Memory Size: 999 patterns, maximum 20,000 stitches in one pattern.

Possibility to save the pattern on the SD memory card.

Two USB connectors

The machine has an error diagnosis system: Pattern programming is done using an easy-to-use programmer built into the machine panel.

Power supply: 230V 50 / 60Hz

Compressed air connection required: (0.5 MPa, consumption approx. 1.8 l / min).

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